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Day by day an average of 6000 kg of polyurethane potting compounds, along with 5000 kg of other chemicals are formulated by the 30 coworkers of ISO-ELEKTRA. Annunal turnover is 7.5 Mio. EUR. Our Products are deliverd to 5 continents. Meeting customers´ individual needs, high quality products and a century´s experience are the main factors of our success.

Our service department works for you in the fields of customer formulation, job order production or the filling of cast resin in customer devices.



Company History

1906   Formation by Richard Cordes, Elze. Manufacturing of insolation compounds based on resin and bitumen, in addition shoe polish and soldering paste are produced.
1953   Hanna Piepho joins ISO-ELEKTRA as accountant and Heinrich Piepho joins as plant Superintendent.
1955   Takeover of ISO-ELEKTRA by thePiepho family.
1963   Extension of the company in Elze, Enge Str. to increase the production of bitumen.
1974   Relocation of the factory to the newly constructed buildings in the industrial area "Im Mühlenfeld, Elze"
1980   Construction of hall 3 and 4 to expand the production area.
1985   Manfred Piepho joins as managing director.
1988   Dr. Michael Piepho joins as technical director.
1993   Retirement of Hanna and Heinrich Piepho

Dipl. Chem. Dr. Michael Piepho becomes sole managing director and runs ISO-ELEKTRA together with the attorney Dipl. Ing. Michael Müller.


ISO-ELEKTRA can look back on a 100 years of successful work.

2006   Formation of the ISO-ELEKTRA Heinrich Piepho Foundation for sustainability.












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