We also deliver ...

Oil insulation compounds
for endsleeves and flush joints of impregnated cables
up to 60 kV nominal peak voltage

for telecommunication and weak current cables,
standard and optical cable grade

Sealant putties
for cable ducts, pipe ducts and house lead-ins
according to German Telekom FTZ-standards

Cable lubricants
for easy pushing/pulling cables • antifreezing
lubricant acc. to German Telekom FTZ-standards
• cable oil • cable gel

Bitumen/ Bituminous lacquer
protective lacquer for metal, wood

Circuit board lacquers
• ISO-RC-insulation- and sealan
t putty (electrician´s
putty, kneadable, non petrifacting) • ISO-2-component
putty "M-Seal" (drillable, grindable) • ISO-Hard-Cement
165 ( high temperature res
istant, very hard)

Other products

Screw lock lacquer/dipping lacquer
for sealing circuit

Cold cleaning fluids
halogen-free, biodegradable